Contemporary Outdoor Furniture – Importance & Trends

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Outdoors are of immense importance for any household, especially during summer. Nothing makes your soul fresh like sunshine and fresh air found in late evenings of the seasons. However, the city life has limited our access to the true nature. Whether by necessity or a choice, we tend to shape our outdoors in a modern space that is able to provide a fine dose of serenity in your homes.

People now realize that entertainment and relaxation activities are no more associated with indoors only. Therefore, they have started to shift their most important gatherings, celebrations and conversations to garden, patios and decks that are basically an extension in today’s modern homes. The most vital element in making a great outdoor is contemporary outdoor furniture, evolved from an ancient mid-century styles to striking contemporary pieces.

Outdoor Space Finishing

There are multiple options available to make your relaxing and desirable outdoor space. Making outdoor arrangements lively has never been so easier when choosing from such a wide range of contemporary outdoor furniture choices today. You can bring the comfort and relaxing environment of indoor to your outdoors having modern and weather resistant lounge furniture like chaise lounges on the pool side, sophisticated gazebos in the garden or comfortable sofas placed on the deck. You can change the settings as desired and have a meal outside with a contemporary outdoor dining furniture set, whether it’s a regular contemporary dining table with modern patio chairs, dining experience with uniquely designed stools and benches or casual ambience having high counter and bar stools.

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Trends

Whether you prefer a contemporary outdoor furniture or more attracted to classic pieces, keep your vision broad and make amendments to have a personalized touch. Some of the most elegant and timeless choices in terms of contemporary outdoor furniture include teak, concrete, plastic, metal and wood.

Outdoor Furniture – The Qualities Of Wicker

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In few of our last posts, we talked about outdoor furniture fabrics and materials. We see wicker as one of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture this year. This articles talks about wicker and its advantages to be used for your outdoor furniture and accessories.


Wicker is often mistakenly taken as the material, though it is actually a term that is used for woven products. In terms of material, wicker products have been divided into two major types, synthetic and natural. Synthetic wicker is developed from resin wicker and plastic, while the natural wicker is developed from sea grass, rattan and many other natural materials.

Synthetic Wicker – Multipurpose Material

A number of choices are available in synthetic wicker products for outdoor furniture and accessories such as cushion box. Another value of the synthetic wicker lies in its colors. A range of colors are available to meet specific preferences.

In addition, the synthetic wicker is a great choice for outdoors such as patio, garden, balcony, pool side and other open areas in your home. Wicker is higher resistant to extreme cold and hot weather and able to restore its durability and beauty for a longer period of time, as long as 10 years or more. Along with patio furniture, synthetic wicker is equally suitable for making high quality indoor furniture and accessories. Synthetic wicker makes decoration easy and fun.

The Most Prominent Advantages of Wicker

  • Wicker is suitable both for indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Wicker is resistant to hot and cold temperatures alike
  • Wicker is also UV resistant for three years
  • Wicker also resists fading, mold and rust if the furniture is aluminum framed
  • Wicker is light weighted and durable
  • Easy to maintain and care
  • Available in a range of designs and colors

Wicker is definitely going to be a great choice for many outdoors this year.

Patio Furniture Scottsdale

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Here we come with some more amazing patio furniture Scottsdale trends to watch out this year. The trends in Scottsdale keep on changing faster, hence you should better be up-dated to renovate your patio accordingly. Follow the latest trends as follows:

Tailored furniture pieces

An increasing number of customers are more comfortable to have highly personalized patio furniture. It is also possible due to a range of possibilities available today in the industry. By selecting size, fabric color, frame finish and so on, you are surely able to get the customized setting for your front porch, backyard, deck and gardens.  Moreover, a need of many users to align their patio theme in accordance to indoor settings, has also led to the popularity of this trend.

Mixed Media & Fused Design

The days are gone where perfect matching was the norm. This prevailed for a number of years, but now more people are finding mixed-theme more interesting to deploy. Even an increasing number of patio furniture Scottsdale manufacturers are mixing various media in a single collection. Mixing materials and designs is creating a unique look that is highly customized also. Stay tuned to our blog to know the best blends of colors, designs and patterns.

 Simple & Clean Designs

This is based on the trend seen in indoor furniture where less is enough. Simple and clean classic designs that are less embellished are trending this year. Mid-century contemporary design has surely had its impact and there are a few latest furniture collections reflecting this trend.


Having comfort in your patio is huge. This is the spot you want to relax and retreat to. Comfy, cushioned patio furniture is getting popular and there many alternatives to choose from. From big overstuffed sofas and chairs to standard sectionals, you find comfort in. Manufacturers of outdoor fabric and cushion industry have integrated interior’s comfort with patio furniture.

Outdoor Furniture – Summer & Spring Care Tips

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Goodbye winters and hello spring and barbecues. But before a backyard entertainment starts, you must take some time to inspect your outdoor furniture and give it some renovation. In this article, we are presenting valuable outdoor furniture maintenance tips and care tricks to make each and every element look the best and clean all summer and spring.

Initial Cleaning

After staying a few months under your garage, deck, gardening shed etc. the outdoor furniture usually becomes grimy. Often when you pull the furniture out, bugs, dust seem to leave it highly untidy. Begin the cleaning by thoroughly washing and wiping down each furniture surface. Use garden hose for rinsing away cobwebs and dust, and then use a safe-to-use mild sanitizing solution on all surfaces of the furniture including metal, wood, plastic, wicker and outdoor fabrics.

You can also make this solution on your own. To make a sanitizing solution, mix one-gallon warm water with around two tablespoons of some popular dishwashing liquid and two cups white vinegar. By using a soft-bristle wide brush, apply solution all over surfaces, especially fabric seams and cervices. The vinegar is highly effective to kill mold and mildew growth and their stingy smell. In the end, wash the finitude in garden hose till all suds are removed. It is wise to avoid power washer since the force of the water coming out of it may affect painted surfaces and wood seams, leading to cracking in the furniture.

Care in Story Weather

In summer and spring, you have to have a keen eye over the skies since these are seasons of hail, dust storms, high winds and thunderstorm. Hence, it is best to shift your outdoor furniture to a safer place as per the weather forecast. Have some open space under the deck, in a garden shade or in a garage for keeping furniture in such harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables – The Selection Guide

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The commercial outdoor picnic tables that you buy should be able to convey a visual appeal, quality, and a commitment of immense comfort for the community. There are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to choosing the right commercial outdoor picnic tables:

  • The number of tables needed to accommodate your seating needs
  • Where the tables are to be placed?
  • Would the tables be exposed to various outdoor elements all year long?

Table size & style

Choose the picnic table shape as per your seating needs. The commercial outdoor picnic tables are available in a range of shapes and sizes including:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Traditional rectangle

Allowing almost 18 inches of liner space per guest, you may expect your average squared or rounded picnic table to accommodate 8 people. Octagonal tables generally refer to the table top shape, while the seats are placed in the same way as a rounded picnic table, accommodating 8 people. Unlike these tables, the hexagonal tables seats accommodate usually 6 seats. Rectangular and oval picnic tables can seat around 8-12 people based on the length. Round, square, octagonal and hexagonal picnic tables provide an easy access and a more intimate sitting arrangements.

You will glad to know that the same kinds of picnic tables can also be used outside your home and offices. Your personal thought and taste also play a key role while selecting the picnic tables but there are also other things to consider. If you own a location or a business visited by people on a frequent basis, you should select tables of various sizes to accommodate groups of different numbers.

Keep in mind to have regular maintenance of these tables since these are usually under heavier use and more exposed to external conditions. If you doubt that your picnic tables can be vulnerable to theft or vandalism, you can go for more durable, heavier and easier to clean tables that cannot be stolen or moved.

Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

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Your restaurant is your brand that portrays your mission, vision and values based on which you serve your customers. Just like your living assets like staff, customer service representatives, chefs and other personnel reflect your business identity; non living assets also play the same role.

One such asset is your restaurant outdoor furniture, which can uplift or ruin the impression on people regarding your restaurant. Hence, choose your restaurant outdoor furniture wisely. In this post, we will share a checklist mentioning some of the most important factors to consider.

 The locality & space

The furniture outside your restaurant makes the first impression. Check out your outdoor space for which patio furniture is required, and also the surroundings. If the surroundings contain major corporate offices and hotels, go for the subtle and gentle themes, while if you are located on mainstream food streets frequently visited by food lovers and tourists, adding vibrant and modern contemporary furniture outside indeed help attracting customers.

Check the dimension of the space. You must have free space enough to let the staff and customers walk in freely and the space shouldn’t look overwhelming. Determining the dimensions also help you decide what kind of furniture can best be accommodated in the space.

Prepare your checklist

There is no need to consider unnecessary furniture accessories since outdoor space should contain only essential furniture elements. Make your check list accordingly, which may include dining sets, chairs, tables, sofa sets, flower racks, umbrella table and a couple of side tables. Making a check list makes your shopping easier since you develop an idea of what is required when it comes to your outdoor restaurant furniture.

Think of material

This is an important factor from investment point of you. Since outdoor furniture has to bear extreme weather conditions and often rough usage, choose the furniture made from material that is durable and of high-quality. These materials include metal, stainless steel, iron, PVC and aluminum.



Patio Furniture – Great Ideas To Try For

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Just like your interior rooms, patio furniture benefits from the seasonal u grading, new furniture alignments and new crops of patio accessories. Retreat your patio furniture from these great ideas that show on-trend, inspirational and practical redesign strategies.

  • Capture the secluded spaces

Turn your underutilized spaces into warm patios by adding handsome furnishings, beautifully planted accessories and vibrant fabrics. Keep in mind that patio can be located anywhere you are able to make a floor from wood chips, bricks, flagstones and gravel.

  • Keep it simple and cozy

Everyone wants a solitary space for sharing quiet gathering or discussion with a friend or resting back reading a good book. Some cushy chairs and a small table for keeping books and drinks is all that makes a complete purposeful patio. However, when you put those things in the lushly planted lawn and add a water feature, you will be developing a charming comfortable look that you would never want to leave.

  • Create Calmness

Patios must be such retreats that can give peaceful time from hectic routine and family tending days. Go for the neutral color shades, space furniture alignments and a lot of plantings to fulfill your entertaining and relaxing needs. Keep it maintenance friendly by choosing the weatherproof fabrics and furniture and growing a garden from an easy-to-case container plantation.

  • Setting it up

Elegant patios call for refined patio furnishings and outdoors. The covered patio, for instance, formalizes its outlook with a unique dining set complemented with a table developed from carved base and glass top and glitzy chairs. Hang some glided mirror on the exterior fence or walls that is positioned near your patio, if you want to add some more sparkle. Paint wood made chairs with decorative metallic finish which take the appeal to an extreme height.