Woven Patio Furniture – Rattan Furniture for Garden

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Exotic and elegant, woven patio furniture is a great choice to enhance your outdoor spaces, especially gardens. Nowadays, woven patio furniture has two most popular choices to offer in terms of material: the natural rattan and its synthetic variety also called rattan effect. While both are usually called rattan furniture commonly, there are some basic differences. In this article, we will highlight woven patio furniture type: Rattan furniture, exclusively used for gardens.

Natural Rattan Patio Furniture

Natural rattan is composed of rattan palm found in South-east Asian regions. This is a unique kind of plant that is vine-like and slender. Since it is basically a hardwood vine, rattan is an ideal material for manufacturing garden furniture. As opposed to other wood furnishings made from solid pieces of wood, a rattan is woven around the frame.

The unique woven texture brings an exotic appearance on rattan garden furniture, which looks incredibly visually appealing and stylish. The natural durability and strength of rattan makes furniture made from it to handle rough outdoor use and bear heavy weight.

In addition, rattan woven furniture itself is light weighted and thus, portable. However, it is heavy enough also not to be blown by strong winds. Since it us very flexible, it can be transformed into range of shapes, types, and sizes. The fact that very minimal maintenance and care it requires, also makes it a budget friendly option.

Cheap rattan garden furniture is generally composed of polypropylene that may look like plastic. Another kind is called poly rattan, which is a blend of polyethylene and natural rattan.  The poly rattan garden furniture looks very authentic and it is very difficult to tell apart from natural rattan. Some kinds of poly rattan and polyethylene are woven to develop something that is more resistant to harmful UV rays and doesn’t fade even being left outdoor for extended time period.




Chaise Lounges Trending in Patio Furniture in Glendale Arizona

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If you have been looking for some inspiration for your patio renovation for the coming year, the patio furniture in Glendale Arizona is the first choice to inspect. Every year, a number of trendy accessories and furnishings are seen in a wide range of collections for patio furniture Glendale Arizona. In this article, we have brought comfy, stylish chaise lounges as the next rising trend to try for.

Chaise lounge means the long chair. The patio chaise lounge is a luxury furniture item, almost same as sofa in length, but is made for one person to recline on it its highly embellished and fitted fabrics. Chaise lounge has indeed redefined the idea of ultimate comfort and luxury at the same time. Patio chaise lounges are often called sun loungers, sun beds, recliner chairs or garden recliners. The term patio chaise lounge covers a range of styles and designs, with one thing in common, and that is relaxation with comfort.

The basic design is made up of a frame of hard material either wood or meta, with the head section that you can raise or lower, so that you can sit up or lie flat. Most of the wooden models have wooden slats across its back, while economical units have a canvas or vinyl material fixed to the frame.

Patio Furniture in Glendale Arizona, through use a lot of materials in manufacturing, yet wood is exceptionally popular. Hence. Among various kinds of materials for a patio chaise lounge, the wooden chaise lounges are the most common. Most of them are made of a weather-proof kind of wood, such as red cedar, teak or eucalyptus. The wooden chaise lounges are heavy, so unless you want to keep them at one place most of the time, you should go for the one having wheels for mobility.

Patio Furniture – The Black Trend

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With every year, come the new patio furniture trends that grab people’s attention for a long period of time. That’s the reason we kept seeing florals, palm prints, tropical colors and rattan and wicker patio furniture all through 2017. However, one unique trend that we especially observed this year is the black furniture. And guess what, it is going to be a prominent trend in 2018. In this post, we have highlighted the black patio furniture trends so that you can have an easy busing decision process.

For a couple of years, the black patio furniture has been out of fashion; however, now it seems that black patio furniture is going to be back to topicality. Many homeowners think that black is a difficult color to play with while other consider it a great idea bringing lots of possibilities for great combinations.

We would like to present an example of an outdoor dining set with chairs completely black. It is combined with blue shade. It is to be noted that black is the color that blends the entire chromatic range well so it is easy to coordinate with it. If you are not sure of the combination you have chosen, go for the ever-popular combination of black and white. It is a classic blend that never goes wrong.

In terms of materials also, black patio furniture has to do a lot. A great combination is to blend the black with the wood tones. The black brings modernity and add a very chic touch to the wood. Irrespective of the tone of the wood, this combination always makes a lasting impression. If you are nervous to go for all black patio furniture, the blend of wood and black is a great solution to bring this color into your patio furniture setting.

Chandler Patio Furniture – The Festive Trends

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The festive season is at peal; after Easter and Halloween, we are heading towards the biggest celebration of this festive season and that is Christmas. If you have not yet started to explore the Chandler Patio Furniture collections to start planning the décor and renovation of your place, it’s the high time to start your exploration and make the best of your Chandler patio furniture trends this year. In this article, we have brought some great ideas to share.

The Palm prints

The palm prints are found everywhere now, from dresses to walls to cushions to windows décor, as a part of an overall tropical print trend that is going to be seen more in designer fabrics and wallpaper. These drapes make a lasting impact, especially with the monochrome rug. If you are inspired by the look but without a bold placement, you can scatter few print throw pillows since it is going to be the most popular trends in tropical Chandler patio furniture collection.

The exotic and bold prints patterned with big-fronded ferns and fanciful wallpapers bursting with big crocodiles, cats and monkeys this year, is all about pam spring elitism that is ideal to create exotic escapism.

The Flamingos

With hot spring, come the flamingos. Here we are not referring to lawn ornaments, but the wading bird that is showing up this festive season in some surprising places, like on walls. Flamingo themed parties and wall papers are another rising trend to be integrated in Chandler patio furniture collection this Christmas.


Rattan has long been a part of tropical trend, adding a fresh new look to the patios. In 1970s, the rattan chairs, baskets, patio furniture and other rattan items were used heavily. Today, being weather-resistant material, rattan Chandler patio furniture has made it way to the porches, outdoors, backyards, lawns, gardens, and patios.

Outdoor Benches for Different Outdoor Areas

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Outdoor benches are rarely found in homes or residential settings; however, in view of their ability to provide comfy seating in different outdoor areas and since outdoor benches are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and materials, many homeowners have started to place outdoor benches in their patios, decks, porches, pool side, backyard, balcony, garden, etc. This article highlights this rising trend and so do the optimal choices.

  • Porch

The best place for summer activities such as snoozing and lolling, your porch calls for comfortable seating. It needs furniture that won’t asleep. Though porch is partially covered, it is still exposed to outside elements.

To place outdoor benches in this area, wicker is the most common choice; however, it may get damaged when exposed to moisture and sun for a long time. The best alternative to wicker outdoor benches is synthetic wicker.  It is the coated natural woven material woven around an aluminum frame. Synthetic wicker outdoor benches are UV resistant and bears an ability to withstand moisture and sun.

  • Pool

Poolside outdoor benches should be made for easy mobility so both shade and sun lovers can have a comfortable seating as the day passes. Wheeled outdoor benches are the most modern and smartest picks since these can be moved easily and without any noise. Usually, wooden outdoor benches are the best choice for poolside since wood is resistant to corrosion. Since poolside is prone to moisture and dampness, metal outdoor benches may not be the best option unless these are coated with resistant proof coating.

  • Gardens

Outdoor benches are something mandatory for gardens and lawns since everyone loves to spend time breathing fresh air in, seating on the benches for a couple of minutes. Synthetic plastic outdoor benches as well wooden outdoor benches both make a nice choice here.

Chandler Outdoor Furniture – Christmas is Coming

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And the time flies so fast; we are just one month away from the festive season of Christmas and there is a lot to plan if you want haven’t started yet, to celebrate the Christmas in the most enjoyable manner. Christmas comes with a need to pay immense attention to your outdoor décor. Getting closer to the event, we are seeing newer and more stylish collections in Chandler outdoor furniture market.

As the time passes, we will see even more variety. And don’t forget how to utilize the Black Friday sales this year. To keep your Christmas planning simple and easy to implement, we have highlighted some factors that should be taken into consideration.

Keep the Comfort Level High

In view of the latest trends and preferences of people, comfortable Chandler outdoor furniture makes the most ideal setting for your outdoor Christmas décor. The modern and classic designs are being fused to take comfort of the furniture to a new level.

Set the theme

Though there are unlimited number of themes that can be considered to choose outdoor furniture for your space; however, something related to Christmas will be a great value addition in your overall Christmas décor. Use red colored pillows, cushions, table tops etc.

Make a space

Christmas is incomplete without big gathering, meeting together, cooking, eating and enjoying entertainment. For all this all together, you need to make sure you have ample space for the crowd. If you have a limited space, choosing the Chandler outdoor furniture accordingly will help.

Go for DIY Decoration

Nothing can be more affectionate than your own home-made Christmas related crafts, decoration stuff and gift wrapping for your guests. No matter what gifts you have decided to give, make a beautiful wrapping by using stuff like colored wrapping papers, markers, ribbons, card boards etc.


Patio Furniture in Glendale Arizona

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Glendale Arizona is typically glorious when it comes to a passion for luxurious patio furniture and outdoor living spaces. Therefore, you will never see any shortage of new furnishings and fabrics in patio furniture in Glendale Arizona.

An increasing number of citizens seems thinking of their outdoor places just like another indoor room. They are using more of their wallets outdoors now as they feel more relaxed and entertained outside. In view of these rising and surprising trends, patio furniture in Glendale Arizona is packed full of novel ideas. In this article, we will highlight some of the hottest and most recent patio furniture elements from the city.

  • Fabric first

The inclination of manufacturers towards choosing textures, colors, patterns and prints that are weather-resistant outdoor fabrics, is off the charts. The fabrics you have outdoors will have the look and feel of what you have inside, greatly blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

  • Pillow talk

The pillows have found the way out. With the contemporary down-filled and high-density cushions one can on the chairs and sofas, a really cool outdoor is formed, replicating the indoors’ comfort and appeal.

  • Furniture design

The customer demand has been driving the new trends in outdoor furniture design. A lot of patio furniture is being seen using two diverse materials at a time. It’s metal and teak, rope and steel, not merely a single material. It is more complicated to develop patio furniture design having multiple materials; however, it beings more design detailing and that is something customers have started to consider.

In addition, a lot of factors like daybeds, throwing shade, hammocks, planters, outdoor lanterns, screens and mirrors are some of the indoor elements that are interestingly becoming a part of patio furniture in Glendale Arizona. With time, we will see more exciting indoor features blended with outdoors.