Making your own Chaise Lounge Chair

Homemade Chaise Lounge ChairWhile not for everyone, some of you out there may be into crafting your own furniture. What is the difference between one you make and one a supplier makes? Not much other than time spent and some materials used. So if you want to delve into a rather extensive project then we have one for you.

The first part of building your own piece is to get the frame itself. Most people prefer to use a wood with this, as metal can be quite a bit harder to craft. While you have many choices of specific wood types to use, the first thing to figure out is whether you want to use hardwood or softwood. You can use more resilient woods to make outside restaurant furniture.

Hardwood frames are far and above the best choice for any chaise lounge chair setup. They are much harder and more resilient than nearly any other type of material you could use. While you might consider using something else you really need something of this variety to create authenticity for the piece.

You need proper measurements as well. This includes measuring out some bars around 2×2, 1×2 and 1×4 long. You’ll need screws, dowels and much more. Wood Glue is also essential in the construction because it can make some difficult parts fit together very well. Paint, primer and brushes are all essential parts as well. Once you have your measuring tape and all the other nuts and bolts you can final start fitting the frame.

While gathering these items make sure to gather other essentials such as safety goggles, earplugs, drills and other items that you will surely need. No one wants to hurt themselves while putting together a piece such as this.

When fitting the frame connect the most fragile pieces with screws. Wood glue cannot be trusted to hold the entire Chaise Lounge Chair together. This can be difficult as you will also need to sand each piece so that you do not get any jagged edges that both look bad and make the entire setup harder to put together than normal.

The bad news is that the frame itself requires quite a bit of work. Not only will you need to drill spaces for screws you will need to make attachments for the twine that will hold the fluff in. This can be a time-consuming process but you need to do it perfectly. Make sure everything is measured and symmetrical so that it looks great.

The great news is that the rest of the project is not so hard. You just have to paint it a bit, put on some sealant and stuff the twine in. Then close off the top cushion and you have a comfortable seating area that you can tell people that you built yourself. Of course if you aren’t interested in such things you can always buy a normal piece but for those of us who really love to create our own pieces this is a very fun and interesting project. Good luck with your own project.



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