Outdoor Daybeds in the Chaise Style

Daybed Chaise LoungeAt certain times in human history, in certain places of the world a Daybed was essentially considered to be the exact same thing as a Chaise Lounge Chair. In many ways they are highly similar. However over time they have each evolved into something quite different, with a bit of overlap in between. Today we want to discuss their similarities and how they have changed in the modern day.

The two styles have many things in common. The both feature exquisite cushions at both the foot and head of their design. Some of them share overhangs in the outdoor models. They come in a variety of exquisite colors that lend a classic but vibrant style. With so much in common one could actually still be mistaken for the other.

So where have the two departed? In one very specific area: the Chaise Lounge Chair style has gotten smaller over time with tinier setups that can fit one person. The idea of the Daybed has been taken over by major designers who have made it bigger and bigger. In the modern day a Daybed usually has massive cushioning at the food and head of the bed itself.

This is combined with sheets and massive overhangs to give some protections from the sun. They’re also often made for outdoor conditions with top quality materials that can withstand nearly any type of weather. However this style comes at a big cost. Many models cost somewhere between 5 and 10K. This is the standard price for such a setup.

The Chaise Lounge Chair has instead become more affordable over time. As a piece normally used inside many manufacturers use fabrics that work well inside to save money on the more expensive ones that work outside. There are however exceptions such as poolside models and floating models. However by and large they have attempted to tone everything down over time.

That being said there is quite a lot of overlap in the most expensive models. There is virtually no difference between a luxurious Daybed model and a similar outdoor double Chaise Lounge Chair. They have nearly the same cushioning with extensive overhangs to block just a bit of the sun over time. They both resist the elements and are large enough to fit even two or three people on them together.

Indeed when you get to the top models the only real difference is in how people perceive each one. That was how each model originally differed in the first place. Someone down the line decided that they wanted to start calling one different from the other and eventually the style changed over time. Today it is even used as restaurant patio furniture.

Will we see more changes between these styles over time? Definitely, as we already have specific offshoots of each of these that we will be discussing later. The important thing is that you as a consumer understands these differences and chooses the right type for your next outdoor project. Stay informed and make the right choices for you and your family.



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