Protecting your Chaise Lounge from Kids

Chaise Lounge for KidsRaising kids and having a fantastic Chaise Lounge Chair do not often go hand in hand. Even if you do not have children yourself you may find your furniture damaged by the kids of a guest. Today we want to discuss some tips for defending your valuable pieces from some well-meaning but mischievous hands.

The first place to start with this is a very unpopular one. Disciplining your children went out quite some time ago, some say over 100 years ago. The easiest way to have your Chaise Lounge Chair destroyed is to raise your kids without discipline. Make sure they have clear boundaries about what they do and do not do with your furniture. This also can help protect them from doing something stupid like jumping off of it and breaking their noses.

Unfortunately raising your kids correctly cannot always protect the pieces. Even well-behaved kids can get a “good” idea like decorating the couch for mommy or daddy’s birthday. The situation becomes even more complicated when you have children. You also want to protect your outside lounge furniture from little hands.

So what do you do in those situations when you know kids will be over who are going to cause problems? Well you can always watch them to make sure you Chaise Lounge Chair stays in good condition. But you can also use thin coverings or other protection. If someone asks, just make up a convenient excuse about having some painting done soon.

Distracting a child who is only over for a bit is also excellent. Games and television are great ways to keep them away from more dangerous pursuits in general.

There is of course one situation where defending your furniture is practically impossible: a birthday party. Trying to control a large group of young children who have just had quite a bit of sugar ranges from extremely difficult to impossible.

There is a simple solution to this problem of course. Have the party outside or at some other establishment. Your backyard can be a great place for a moon bounce and most towns also have “fun places” that you can move it to. Sometimes the best way to protect your furniture from kids is just to make sure that they do not have an opportunity to damage it.

Of course things can go wrong no matter what happens. When the worst happens quick removal of the spill, stain or other damage is essential. Spills can leak in and cause even more damage than the original one. Scratches that look small can build into really large and disgusting ones if left alone to twist and fray.

Make sure you are prepared with spill sopping equipment or even fiber repair equipment. Even when things go wrong with your Chaise Lounge Chair you can fix it if you act quickly. Follow these tips and you should be well on your way to protecting your pieces. Or you’ll be prepared to make sure that the damage is prepared and that your setup remains looking pristine and beautiful for many years to come.


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