Refinishing Damaged Patio Furniture

Refinished Patio ChairRefinishing your damaged Outdoor Patio Furniture can mean a large variety of things depending on your piece. For basic plastic it might mean simply cleaning it with a power washer. We want to go down a few types of common furniture you may need to repair.

First let us go over glass. This can be the hardest to repair, especially if it is tempered. If it simply has some enamel or something else covering it you can easily get this off with some of the harsher chemicals. Due to the nature of glass it does not readily absorb chemicals so even powerful cleaners should be fine. However be very careful when applying pressure. Too much can lead to breaks which can ruin the entire look.

In certain cases your glass may already be cracked. Repairing this yourself is nearly impossible. You can take it to someone but it’s unlikely that modern glass repair specialists would care to do so. They mostly fix windshields and such. You are often better off just getting rid of the piece and getting a new one in better condition.

Repairing plastic creates a similar problem. There aren’t really any do-it-yourself plastic repair kits. You can try to glue pieces back together or screw them together. All of these have somewhat less than effective results. Plastic furniture is once again one that is often less expensive to just replace. The good news is that these pieces are incredibly easy to clean and quite resilient.

Metal furniture is quite functional for repairs but can also be a pain. Depending on your design you may have to take apart the entire assembly down to the bottom parts. Then you have to apply naval jelly or some other rust remover of your choice. You should do this around 15 minutes before washing it off with a hose.

Once that is done you may find holes and other small imperfections in it. Metal filler can be very useful for filling these. This can take hours unfortunately. Once that is done you should spray paint it with a color of your choice. Since it is metal you won’t have to do a sealant but you may have to repeat the process all over again in a year or so. If you have time you may want to prime it first.

Wood is perhaps the ideal type of furniture for those who like to do it themselves. Highly customizable and easy to mold wood outdoor furniture is great. You likely will not have to take the whole thing apart but you should bring a decent amount of high-quality wood along with nails and screws. Anyone who has done some woodworking knows to size the pieces into any imperfections. Sand down any damage that may have come over time. Finally when you are done finish it up with a wood sealant.

We hope to do many more pieces on repairing your damaged Outdoor Patio Chairs and other furniture so stay with us.




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