The All-Metal Chair Trend

Metal ChairsAll-metal furniture is becoming quite trendy lately. Outdoor patio chairs are being made in this style much more often. These of course have their own styles, advantages and disadvantages to consider. We want to help you weigh all of them in order to decide whether they work for you. You may find that it is the perfect solution for your needs.

Surprisingly at some of the greatest furniture conventions in the world this style has been shown off. They featured incredibly vibrant colors with all-metal construction. This can really make your outside restaurant furniture wow customers.

One thing that the new blend of outdoor patio chairs have in common is that they have vibrant colors. Of course this shifts with the season over time. In the warmer months people shift towards hot and lively colors in order to give off energy. Muted tones are used during colder times. They use this for some interesting psychological reasons we will discuss in another article.

Many of these pieces are multifunctional. For example a modular metal piece that can be rearranged into various designs depending on what you need. They even have some unusual fire pits that are also tables or even have a chiller for your various drinks. Multifunction pieces are what everyone wants today from the top of the industry to the bottom.

Of course all this style does come at a price. Both the material and the special design and coloring of the pieces can add to their cost. Not only do they have to be molded perfectly but you have to care for them especially well. You cannot just use any paint on designer pieces and you should always check for a dink or any rust that naturally occur.

Another trend that is working well with the new all-metal one is smaller outlines for your outdoor patio chairs and other pieces. Since we have so many different ways to mold pieces now they can be nearly any shape. We’re seeing strange ones with overhangs. There are even a few that only vaguely resemble a piece of furniture. They look quite a bit more like some sort of modern art.

Seating that you can rock or swing in is also extremely popular right now. Rockers, swing seats and much more are very easy to create with our modern manufacturing. Many of these pieces are also surprisingly affordable. This means you can get it in the perfect shape to fit in your selected area.

The final consideration is whether to get some cushions. As with many types of seating these are very resilient and will give you great support. However they do not always feel the best on your sensitive backside. As such you may want to invest in some additional pieces from normal cushions to memory foam.

The main thing to learn from all of this is that the trends with metal are changing in every way. From the physical goods to how people perceive them everything is in flux. Keep your eye on it and find out what to buy early.


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