The Fatboy Style of Outdoor Patio Chairs

Fatboy ChairThe Fatboy is an entirely new type of outdoor patio chair. It looks quite a bit like a giant comfortable pillow and in many ways is. It combines highly resilient material with sheer comfort. It’s even more comfortable than a beanbag. There are many different pieces like this on the market today so we want to discuss the trend with you.

The basic Fatboy piece consists of resilient fabric, and a liner with virgin beads. The beads shift and slide to fit your body. Overall it is a lot like a beanbag chair but even more comfortable. If you are looking for something that will keep your guests happy and comfortable all the time then check it out. This is also useful for keeping your restaurant patio furniture comfortable.

The fabric itself is “Sunbrella” fabric. It is died acrylic with a Teflon finish to improve comfort. This fabric will not fade out in the sun and can even resist minor spills for when you are having a few drinks on the patio. This fabric is also highly resilient to various weather conditions and mold. This means it won’t mildew if you leave it out for a bit. If it starts to grow something you can just wash it to get the pieces out.

The whole structure of the piece is very light as well. It only ways about 3 pounds at most. This means you can easily transport it even when you are traveling or rearranging things.

There are many different outdoor patio chairs like this. Of course none of them use quite the same material. You could conceivably get one with memory foam that might end up even more comfortable. Of course it would also likely be quite a bit more expensive overall.

The price is in the mid-range of outdoor patio chairs. At $329 USD it’s a bit more expensive than the bottom end. However it is not so expensive that a normal person cannot get one.

For those who enjoy this piece the company itself is called Fatboy. They make a variety of home and outdoor pieces from chairs to sit in while fishing to indoor laps. You may want to check it out in case you find some other pieces.

There are quite a few different places to buy this style of outdoor patio chair. You can get it from their site or even on Amazon. Try to find one at a decent discount.

Some of you may want to just use a normal beanbag instead of this one. This is not such a great idea for several good reasons:

  • Normal beanbags are not terribly resilient. They often tear and discolor very easily when taken outside.
  • They are often somewhat uncomfortable depending on the construction. Some old ones can become very uncomfortable as the chair lays down.

Of course whatever course you decide to choose then we hope you find the right piece. Compare the various styles and decide whether you want this or a normal chair. Weigh the cost to the advantages and decide for yourself.



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