Choosing Colors for your Outdoor Patio Chairs

Colored Patio FurnitureChoosing colors for your outdoor living area is very important. One big part of this is choosing them for your outdoor patio chairs. You have a huge selection to look through no matter why type of seating you have. Today we will go over some tips for choosing the best colors possible at the best time. There are quite a few factors you can consider to make your life easier.

The first thing to consider is choosing seating for the season. Go with colors that work well with the time of year it is. Vibrant reds and oranges for a summertime setting. Subdued whites and blues during winter when things get colder. People feel better about your setting when it matches the season. This may even include getting some silly festive chairs around Christmas. Even when something might seem tacky another time it’s great around the holidays. The same goes for fun kids seating during Halloween.

Next choose your outdoor patio chairs for your overall setting. If you have a country setting then go with something that looks southern. If you have a postmodern setting try to get some futuristic chairs. You cannot go wrong as long as it meets up with your overall theme.

You should also take stock of what material you have. You may need different colors or even coverings depending on whether you have metal or wood furniture. Depending on what material you have a simple coat of paint may work.

Next you need to consider price. It’s great to have a set in mind but if you cannot afford it then you can’t have it. Make sure to shop around and find the best price on outdoor patio chairs that you can find.

Failing everything else you can look at the individual colors themselves. Let us go down each one individually for you. These are the most popular colors for outdoor patio chairs:

Black goes with many other colors which makes it an excellent choice as a primary or secondary color. It can also save you some time cleaning it.

Green blends well with the natural setting outside. You may have to clean it regularly but it looks great in many settings and makes your setting feel like it is a part of the nature surrounding it.

Beige blends well and doesn’t attract bugs very often. It’s a good and easy choice for your outside lounge furniture.

Brown has the same advantages as green and it is also low maintenance as well. It also doesn’t show up your other colors with a low key tone.

White is also an excellent complement for the same reasons black is. This can also create a striking contrast if you combine the two between them. Unfortunately you need to clean these regularly in order to keep them looking great. That’s why it’s one of the less popular choices.

Whatever color or pattern you choose to go with be sure to let us know about it. Design is a collaborative thing and you need to hear from a variety of voices.



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