The Importance of Straps with Outdoor Seating

Strap FurnitureStraps are a vital part of many outdoor seating arrangements. While there are some ways to get around them they are by far the most economical way to get proper comfort for your guests and yourself. Replacing them can also be very important. Today we want to talk about these under appreciated and often ignored parts of your furniture that help you feel better.

So how does this apply to patio seating? The most common use of these is to attach cushions to the chair itself. This gives an added layer of durability to your setting and makes it easy to switch the cushions out over time. This is handy because they can wear out over time and need to be replaced. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause these setups to wear out and crack. Fortunately they are rather inexpensive to replace.

So how do straps compare to slings when putting together your patio seating? Slings are more comfortable but less durable. They dry out more quickly and have to be replaced very often. They can also be much more expensive than you would expect from a normal strap. It’s up to you to decide which one to use given your time and money.

Many of the lower grade pieces you have will come with straps. Much of the industrially made outdoor seating has things like this so you should consider that when buying things based on price. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to make sure that they are of a high enough quality that they will meet your needs.

So where is the best place to use straps? Usually by the poolside or in any area where your furniture is going to get a lot of wear and tear. They’re easy to replace and inexpensive to do so. If a kid or pet tears them up it’s not a big deal because there are always plenty more in many different colors and designs. It’s also useful for those who have pieces that they want to transport to the lake or the beach. Overall it’s for the person who wants to get a lot of mileage and use out of their outdoor furniture.

When caring for these pieces you should be careful because some sealing items and oils can actually cause more damage rather than protect your setup. Make sure you check out what the straps are made of before applying these.

For the hardcore decorator these can also be quite useful. Whether you attach them while still using the chair or salvage them after they have been heavily used these straps can be very effective for hanging a variety of different decorations. Everything from little holiday trees to toy cars for the kids can be held up by these.

So are these right for you? If you are looking for maximum comfort you may want to go with another style. But if you want to save money and still have a good look then try these out.


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