Cleaning Specific Seating Types

Outdoor Patio Chair Fabric ExamplesEvery type of seating needs a different method to clean it. Whether it be cushions or simply a different grain of wood your outdoor patio chairs can need special care for each piece. Today we want to go over some advice on cleaning each particular one. We’ll probably also focus on each of these in the future but you can use this as a handy and quick guide for a wide variety of types. So let us get started.

Wax is something that gets mentioned quite a bit. It’s an essential part for many furniture types because it makes a water resistant piece even more water resistant. Even the most durable pieces can build up too much moisture over time and wear down. You really want to avoid this Wax is a very easy way to do this that doesn’t cost much and does not take very much effort to get working.

Wicker furniture can be cleaned by spraying it off with a hose or pressure washer. While some forms of wicker are not suited to this if it’s outside you probably already have one that is. Waxing it can be very useful as well.

Wood furniture can be a dream or a nightmare for you. If you coat it well with a varnish and maintain it regularly it can be a dream all around. If you don’t maintain it then it can literally fall apart on you due to that same lack of maintenance. You want to make sure it has been varnished and/or waxed. Then you want to clean it with soapy or clean water depending on the style and treatment.

Metal outside restaurant furniture needs to be painted and cleaned regularly in order to remove rust. That’s really the only major problem that it has. This is especially important for any guests.

Resin outdoor furniture is extremely resilient and is probably the easiest to clean. You can easily remove the dirt and other problems with some light soap and water. If there are scuff marks or other damage then you might want to use a semi-rough pad along with an abrasive. Be gentle or you could end up with scratch marks instead of scuff marks. Those are much harder to get in.

Cushions are another matter entirely. While some of your outdoor patio furniture may have special cushions much of it may not. You want to keep careful stock of these as mildew can grow inside of it and insects can also infest it if you are not careful and do not keep a solid eye on it all around. Acrylic cushions are a subset of this that need special care. Mild soap and water mixtures along with various light cleaning programs allows you to keep the mold out.

Some of your pieces may even have cloth on them. These should be machine washed and treated for stains. Follow this general primer and you can be ready for just about any situation and keep your furniture of all types looking great into the foreseeable future.


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