Heated Seating

Heated Chair ExampleHeated outdoor patio chairs are not extremely common. At least ones with built in heating elements. There are a few here and there. However there are many other ways to insure that your seating stays warm and comfortable over time.

The easiest way to warm it up is to not actually have the chair heat itself at all. You can throw the cushions in a dryer or give your guests a thermal blanket to sit on or with. Heating pads are quite affordable and the electronic ones can be reused over time to stay warm. While you probably won’t be amazing any friends or neighbors with your inexpensive solution you will have saved money. Saving money has intrinsic value all by itself.

You may want to go with a more expensive solution. There are many heated outdoor patio furniture types created specifically with this in mind. If you get one you can rest assured that you will have a durable and extremely useful solution to cold climates and changes in weather. However there are several downsides with the first being cost. A piece like this can be very expensive costing hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars depending on the setup. It can also be very difficult to replace due to the size and sensitive parts inside. If you decide to go with this solution then make sure that you have some sort of replacement plan or warranty, it’s too big of an investment to miss out on.

If this is what you decide on you have many different types to look at. Some of them literally are made of heat conductive materials that drink heat in when powered on by simple electricity. You simply plug them in and go. Others use heated cushions to keep you feeling good. The cushion approach can be difficult as they can be hard to clean if there are ingrained stains or bugs. You may just have to replace the whole thing yourself.

So how expensive is expensive? One example piece costs over five thousand dollars. Not exactly a practical piece for those of you who are saving money. You can also go with massage chairs but those are rarely tooled to work outside. Having to replace one of those can be a serious problem that you do not want to have. It’s better to go with another solution in that case.

Another solution is just to have an actual heater in the same area as your outdoor patio chair. While this isn’t quite the same thing it can essentially lead to the same result: you feeling better all around.

There are many other solutions to staying warm we will discuss later. A warm drink or nearby fire can go a long way to heating up guests as well. However these are your options for having the seating itself warm you up. You can probably find a way that works best for you if you study these well. We wish you luck your search for warmth.


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