Lighting Up your Outdoor Patio Chairs

Lighted Outdoor Patio ChairsThere are many ways to create a proper lighting situation for your outdoor patio chairs. From chairs that light up themselves to installing pieces we want to discuss a few with you. Things like this are absolutely essential for night parties and areas of the world where night lasts quite a bit longer. This guide should also have some value for all types of decorators.

For those who have some serious money to blow there are lighted outdoor patio chairs. Most of these are very high-end and durable so you don’t have to worry about them shorting out in harsh weather. The only big drawback is how expensive these are. You can expect to pay quite a bit of money for a piece that is handcrafted like this. Be sure you have the money saved up if you want to go with one like this.

You can of course go with external lighting for your outdoor patio chairs. This can be anything from flood lights to smaller lights set across your setting. You want to adjust the intensity of these for what your family and friends love. Wiring these can be a bit of a chore if you are not used to projects like this.

There are also ways to paint your outdoor patio chairs with fluorescent colors. This is not a great choice for everyone but if you want a modern art style it can be an awesome look. Your furniture will literally provide you lighting. If you are someone who has really crazy parties then this can also be a great choice as it will get people worked up and get the blood flowing. That’s something you need at any high energy gathering.

For those who want an understated touch you can never go wrong with candles. Many of them fit well on parts of outdoor patio chairs so you can fit them in. Some of them even have indentations to put them down in all around.

String patio lights can also be an economical way to light up your pieces. These can light all your furniture up equally as well and can save you money in the long run. The drawbacks to these are that they break fairly easily to the weather or impact. You also may have to replace them regularly as they burn out unless you get some special bulbs at extra cost.

Of course all this advice is for night lighting. In the daytime the sun usually provides all the lighting you need. When that comes up you have to consider how shade may look on your pieces. Each one can look different depending on how much shade or brightness you have on them.

Natural moonlight can also be very useful for your outside restaurant furniture. Reflective pieces can really draw the eye and stand out in this case. Make sure that you take advantage of those over time. Only you can find the right level of lighting and cost for your own special setting.


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