Painting Outdoor Patio Chairs

Painted vs Unpainted Chairs There are many different ways to paint your outdoor patio chairs from sprays to traditional coats. It can be a bit confusing to decide which one to use. On the other hand the flexibility of the methods means you can create any style you want and really make everything fit your unique style. We’re going to give you some ideas on that today.

First you should figure out whether painting is best for your furniture. It can work equally well on wood and steel types. Unfortunately it is not the best for plastic pieces as you can get a really uneven look due to how many of them are molded.

An air brush is an extremely non-traditional but very hip way to add accents to your outdoor patio furniture. You can even stencil on cool patterns. This is perfect for those who want a postmodern art-deco look to their setting. This isn’t for everyone but it may be for you if you have some artistic skills. Those who are extremely talented could even paint landscapes or other awesome designs on their seating.

You cannot go wrong with a normal paintbrush and paint for your project. There are however over ten thousand different types of paint you can buy from a variety of retailers. You can get different blends that are supposed to last for years. Some with moisture and sun guard that stand up to the elements. All of them come at very different price points and quality levels. The selection just at your local big box store is staggering and you can get even more online. It’s absolutely amazing the choices open to you. Try not to buy too little or too much for your next project.

The type of outside lounge furniture you are painting may help you make a choice on color and method. If you are painting wood you want one that will work well with a sealant later on. This is because wood can rot under the paint if you are not careful. Make sure to paint everything down to the last bit and make sure that the whole setup is very tightly sealed. This will protect it from many ravages.

If your outdoor patio chairs are steel then you need one that is going to last a long time. Nothing looks worse than a model that has had the paint chip off and is rusting underneath. Rust can be a huge pain to remove and spreads very quickly over time. This makes it an absolute nightmare for those who really want their pieces to last a long time. On the up side the paint can act as a sealant here and allow you to keep it looking good for much longer.

Take a look at your own pieces and figure out whether a fresh coat of paint would do them good. It may turn out that it is just the thing to save you a lot of time and effort later on in your patio design.


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