Repairing Oxidized Furniture

Oxidized ChairOxidization occurs when the chemical makeup of your furniture is damaged by exposure to sun and the elements. There is of course much more to it than that but you probably just want to know how to get rid of it. So therefore we are going to help you out with that and also give you some tips to keep it from happening again.

Oxidization occurs most often when you leave plastic furniture out in the sun and elements. The mixture of heat, wind and moisture creates tiny imperfections in the setting. These can grow into bigger ones over time and really ruin the look of the chair. No one likes to see a sun bleached piece that ruins the overall elements of your outdoor setting.

The pieces that most often get this damage are outdoor patio chairs. Tables can also get this damage depending on their makeup.

A quick way to repair it is to get some acetone and silicone spray. These are not normal things for normal cleaning and repair. First you should power wash your entire setting to make sure everything looks good and you don’t get any dirt mixed in with the rest of it. Then rub the acetone on with a soft cloth without pushing too hard. Be careful as you can strip some paint off if you are not careful. Let the acetone dry for a day and then you are ready for the rest.

Spray the silicone on the piece or on a cloth. This creates a new texture on it which makes any edges on your outdoor restaurant furniture smooth out. This can really help you all around and saves you tons of time and money that you would have to pay.

You can also use some spray paint or mild sanding to fix these. These are both harder than the above method and may not give you a finish that is quite as beautiful. They are however more traditional and you may be able to find them easier than the above methods.

Once this is done you should put on a plastic sealant of some sort. There are many places that carry these. This can save you more time in the long run but make sure it fits with it.

Of course this guide works best for plastic. Silicon is not something you would want to use on wood or metal furniture as a wax or paint would do better. Those types are also unlikely to oxidize but they have other problems such as rust or mold. You need to use a specific setup for each of these to make sure that they look better than ever before.

You can of course just buy some new pieces but that not only costs you more and creates waste but just isn’t as fun. This is a great way to recycle without too much trouble so we would suggest you try it first. You may find that you have a knack for resting things yourself.



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