The Bubble Chair Style

Bubble ChairIf you want something that really stands out then the bubble chair is for you. This piece has rarely been used for outdoor patio chairs but that is an advantage. Today we want to discuss this very strange and absolutely unique style with you and talk about why it might be a good choice all around.

This style of chair has, what else, a bubble on the back that provides head support and also allows can keep you from getting hit by the occasional bird or other mishap. The most popular form of it is a clear plastic backing with some steel and cushioning on the lower part of the chair. Does that sound somewhat strange to you? You are completely correct in thinking that. It’s a style that catches the eye and really confuses some people.

However throughout the history of all furniture the unique pieces have caught the eye. From the Chaise Longue chair to the new completely enclosed hammocks unusual pieces are what people really want. That is the appeal of this one. It has been out of the public eye so long that it could make the perfect outdoor patio chair.

The real question is whether it will fit your setting. It’s a terrible idea to use this in a classical setting. However if you are doing a postmodern or 60’s setting for your next party this can be a really cool piece. It has a trendy modern style that fits perfectly with that era or the modern era. Remember that in the modern era being unique and sensational has intrinsic value to people. Otherwise someone like Lady Gaga wouldn’t have a career.

One style that goes for big money today is the hanging bubble chair. It comes in indoor and outdoor styles with a full plastic mold that covers most of the chair. These are sold by hip retailers for hundreds of dollars and are much more common than the older style. While they share the same style they may be much more accessible for you than finding an antique outdoor patio chair like this. They also have the advantage of being hung from a tree or overhang which can be really fun outdoor furniture for kids.

The materials vary from style to style as well. Some of them have long lasting plastic that you will only need to clean and protect from the sun. Others have steel that may need a paint job and rust removal if they have not been taken care of properly by others. Be sure to check the material itself if you are not buying one brand new.

Gamers also love this style, although the utility outdoors is hampered unless you have an enclosure. Except for those with extravagant rooms consoles cannot be taken out. However it is great for the casual mobile gamer or iPad gamer to relax in after getting done with a day at work. This gives you yet another reason to consider this style. Let us know if you decide to go with it.


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