The Interesting Balans Chair

Balans ChairToday we’re going to go over a completely different and unusual style, the Balans chair. Many people know it as the kneeling chair as well. This particular style is not something that you see much with outdoor patio chairs but it might give you some ideas for your own setting. Therapeutic furniture is becoming so popular and you could adapt this style if you are a chronic pain sufferer.

But first some history on where these were originally developed. Far from the modern look of the present day copies the Balans chair was originally a chair for Zen meditation. It allowed the user to stay in an upright position that was good for their back while meditating for hours or even days. This was very important considering just how important such practices were to the central religion. It also had the nice benefit of putting the back into an S-shaped alignment that was very good for it.

In modern times they took influences from this and built a version in 1979 that we know of as the Balans chair. It’s quite useful even as an outdoor furniture piece with resilient cushions and materials along a steel construction. Those with severe back problems often use them today in order to feel better for short periods.

Of course the fact remains that modern ones are not necessarily designed for use at outdoor patio chairs. They are no less useful for it but you should take some special consideration to take them inside when the weather gets bad. If you are a chronic pain sufferer this should be no problem because you will probably need it inside anyway. So that isn’t hard to do at all. However getting soaked one time shouldn’t be a huge problem as long as you clean the cushions promptly. You can also keep it outside if you have mild weather and some form of shelter. Overhangs are perfect for this.

Modern forms of this have a wide variety of health benefits. Not only are they extremely comfortable due to extreme cushioning but they keep your back in the perfect natural shape it was meant to be in all along. This means you can instantly relieve pain and feel good for hours after you have used it. You will of course have to use it often for full effect but that is a small price to pay for those who have chronic and severe pain. Between this and other therapy you can go back to how you originally felt.

If you have friends or elders who come to visit then it’s also a great choice for an outdoor patio chair. If they don’t have one then you can let them try it out and see for themselves just how much it can help them over time. They may find that they want a piece for themselves. Many of them even have sleek designs that fit right in with modern design styles for your outdoor room. Take a look at your options and decide on one.



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