The Platform Rocker Style

Glide Rocker ExampleThe traditional rocker has for many years been a staple for outdoor patio chairs. However there is a slightly more complicated but safer style known as the platform rocker or glider. This particular style has additional support to keep you up when you might fall over.

The unique design of the platform rocker allows it to glide between the multitudes of support bars on the bottom. Even if you rock violently you won’t fall over. For anyone who has children you probably understand why that is a nice thing to have in any piece you could imagine.

These pieces of outdoor furniture are also quite historical. They have been around since the Victorian era when they had much more primitive versions. Each one had stable platform much like the ones today although they were nearly exclusively made of indigenous woods. They still carry that same classic style today.

In the modern day we have the classic styles and modern ones on wooden platforms as well. You can find frames built of the latest modern steel alloy and classic wood ones. There is no real rule for using these outside because there are so many varieties just be sure to get one that is highly resistant to the elements as usual or treat one to be so. You can’t really go wrong other than that.

Platform rockers are probably most often seen around elderly users who have a chance of falling out of them. This is a shame that the negative stereotype has started there because they work great in a variety of outdoor rooms of all sorts. You can try one for your own family and decide whether it works for them all.

One other choice you have to make is whether to go with a vintage or ultramodern rocker. There isn’t much in-between space between these two styles when you are buying an outdoor patio chair. You need to pick one or another. Plan your room out and decide which one you want to go with before you do this of course so that you don’t get a piece that clashes with everything else in your area. Both styles look great so there isn’t really any wrong choice as long as it doesn’t clash.

Watch out for people who will attempt to charge more for their pieces. Just because something looks very old doesn’t mean it actually is. People have made these in both styles for years and years so be sure to inspect them thoroughly. Otherwise you may buy a classic that was actually made in recent years and just looks old. Not something you want to waste your money on.

A final note is to consider this one vs. a traditional rocker. These may cost a bit more but that is pretty much the only difference other than safety. Are you willing to pay a bit more for an increased amount of safety? We think you probably would be willing to in most cases, since we would.



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