A Small Chair Can Create A Big Presence

Interior scene with chair and coffee table

November 20, 2015

Well-known room designers tend to have one thing in common: they place a small-scale chair in the room, sometimes even child-size. Regardless of the size of the person whose room this chair sits in, a small chair creates an entirely new vibe in any room. A small chair with an antique, contemporary, and/or vintage style can say a lot, even if it does not match the rest of the room’s furniture, or even the patio furniture. A chair that stands out like that may even get sat in more often, since guests tend to pick the chair that seems the most special. If it looks good for your style and the value meets your expectation, go for the purchase.

A small chair has one large advantage over other chairs in the room: portability. A small chair can go wherever you want it to go, fits in anywhere easily, and does not weigh so much for easier carrying. Worry not if the chair does not match the rest of the surroundings, since a small chair that sticks out adds variety to the space. It can function as an extra chair for a desk or table, or sit next to a wall or other furniture as part of the décor. In the latter case, it would not sit in the typical seating area. To spruce things up, obtain more than one chair. A pair of small chairs looks even better in a room whether next to each other or across from each other, and they do not even have to match the rest of the room. If the chairs do not match each other, consider placing them apart from each other, whether across a small piece of furniture or across the room.

Small chairs provide a different level of comfort compared to other furniture or chairs. Small chairs typically have a firmer build, so seniors will generally prefer to sit in such a chair instead of upholstered furniture. For others who prefer a softer seat, seat cushions exist that can add options to your seating arrangements. These chairs appeal to more than just the elderly – they give people of all ages and sizes a method to pull up a chair just about anywhere, allowing even children to fit in at the dinner table. Pets also love small chairs, since they naturally prefer a more enclosed space rather than an open seat.

Aesthetically, small chairs that do not match the rest of the furniture should still blend in to the scenery somehow. A room with a neutral and monochromatic palette should not have small chairs with extravagant colors like bright colors. The colors or patterns should still have something in common. If you inherit a chair either from family or from a giveaway, you may need to theme the rest of the room around it because this chair would have a backstory to it. If a small chair sticks out too much to remain in a larger room, consider using it in a bedroom. Less people occupy a bedroom than the living or dining rooms, and most people tend to place objects on their chairs, such as loose clothing or other miscellaneous objects. Lastly, we cannot forget about the backyard patio. Some small chairs can endure the outdoor weather, and fit in well with the rest of the outdoor furniture. Older chairs can double as a platform for small plants.

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