Appreciate the Beauty of the Outdoors with Minimal Patio Furniture


December 29, 2015

Something about the great outdoors always seems to take our breath away. As part of our natural behavior, we want to connect with nature to get back with our roots. Just as important as human contact, people need nature in their lives to maintain their physical and mental health. When people need a bit of nature in their lives, they often turn to their front yard or backyard garden. Relaxing in the garden not only relieves stress, but improves overall health with exposure to natural air, and for that, people need outdoor furniture. Any garden must have some sort of outdoor furniture, providing a method to relax and enjoy the garden, even if just small stools. In addition to its use to lounge in, contemporary outdoor furniture can accent and create scenery in the landscape. From something as simple as a bench to an entire patio set, furniture that allows you to fully absorb the great outdoors will look the best. A sole bench can work for one or two people, while a circular arrangement of chairs can entertain more. Regardless of the type of furniture, make sure you can enjoy the outdoors more than the furniture around it.

To enjoy the outdoors, you will want furniture that does not distract from the landscape. Look for minimal furniture that focuses on function rather than aesthetics. For example, a pool and/or patio design would look best with wire chairs (Bertoia chairs). Made by intertwining aluminum wires, these chairs functions as comfortable seating, but its see-through properties means that it will not clutter the view. Some of these chairs come with a seat cushion for added comfort, but note that the cushion could potentially cause a viewing obstruction. Other minimal chairs include Acapulco chairs, folding chairs, some bistro chairs, or any patio chair with thin bars.

The look and feel of the chairs play a huge role in how well they fit into the landscape. Bright colors will look out-of-place in the garden, so if you have anything with exorbitant colors, opt to keep them away from the garden and closer to the house. As long as the furniture exhibits natural coloring, the furniture should fit in with some minor adjustments. If you have multiple pieces of furniture, consider arranging them in a circle to create a more inviting space for people to sit down at. Furniture size means a lot when it comes to placement. Scale your furniture according to your landscape. For example, low furniture should match with low foliage. Most chairs and tables should stand with bushes, flowering plants, or fruit & vegetable plants. Taller furniture can stand near tall plants or objects. While most chairs and tables do not rise so high, other outdoor objects like umbrellas should meet with tall objects such as trees or walls. That way, no one piece will stand out since everything will fall in line.

If you have yet to obtain any minimal furniture, consider looking into a patio set. Many bistro sets focus more on function and portability, and will look just like the aforementioned wire chairs. For those who have a lot of natural landscape to work with, work with what nature gave you. Large boulders and stones doubly function as seats, and you can arrange them around a centerpiece like a low table or fire pit for a gathering place. Boulders or stones embedded into the land can hold a pillow or other cushion for seating purposes. Large or old trees provide an overhang for you to dangle lights from. Any garden with plants or structures have the potential to turn into a great landscape for your personal getaway. Use what nature provides for you to construct your own version of paradise.

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