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In the last few articles, we have discussed a number of commercial outdoor furniture and patio furniture ideas, since these commercial outdoor furniture forms are in high demand, especially in commercial sector including restaurants, hotels, resorts, parks and any public place. Since commercial outdoor furniture is usually heavily used, their maintenance d cleaning is a big task for the owners. Many people are also unaware of the fact that maintenance differs from material to material from which outdoor furniture has been made. In this article, we will be discussing cleaning & maintenance from this context.

Plastic outdoor furniture

One of the most commonly used materials for commercial outdoor furniture is plastic. This is also highly durable and long lasting. You can clean your plastic outdoor furniture with a clean cloth soaked in a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent and water. Then you can leave for few minutes. After that rinse with clean water and pat dry with some soft cloth.

Wicker outdoor furniture

Another commonly used material is wicker. The furniture made from this material should be cleaned with soft scrub brush, soaked in a mixture of water and a mild oil based soap. The oil based soap helps to clean the furniture without affecting its glow. Then rinse by clean water and dry with soft towel. Wicker furniture should be cleaned after every few weeks in order to avoid dust accumulation in crevices.

Wrought-Iron outdoor furniture

This outdoor furniture is cleaned with a soft clean cloth soaked in a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and water. Then the furniture is rinsed with clean water and pat dry with soft cloth.

Teak outdoor furniture

Teak outdoor furniture, one of the most popular forms of modern patio furniture, is usually seen in resorts and parks. It can be cleaned with soft cloth soaked in mixture of oil based soap and water. Then rinse the furniture with clean water.

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