Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture (3).jpeg

With winter that has almost come, it is the high time to start thinking about the backyard set up and add some fascinating contemporary outdoor furniture. Has your outdoor mismatched patio furniture set stayed a season for so long?

Has you bistro table lived out its last arm? Winter gives you a break from tackling your obsolete backyard furniture, but now that there is a bright sun, it’s the time to get to work. From tables to chairs to lanterns and pillows, this post will share various means to spruce up the outdoor space with hottest outdoor furniture trends.

  • Light & bright

Nothing is better to shake the winter period than by going for a white-hot patio theme. Contemporary and ultra chic monochrome furnishings have become the new style, giving a striking form to light and bright accessories and décor. Simple to be added into most of the backyards, colors such as gray, beige and white work best when you complement them by bold punchy colors such as green, fuchsia and turquoise. Citrusy colors are also heavily rising, and adding an ideal amount of flair into subdued, neutral color patterns. If you are seeking to lift up the heat on your outdoor patio furniture, it is suggested to have a contemporary bistro table that is paired with chairs having bright pillows and cushions.  If you are color shy, you can start by having small amounts, like banding of a pillow, or little pattern on a lounge set or any light future.

  • Table setting

Taking the dining setting outdoors is one of the hottest trends for the coming year. Once you are done with your interiors, it is the time to focus on your outdoor eating area too. You should use pieces that are found in a formal interior dining room, such as a dinnerware ser or an area rug, with indoor/outdoor fabrics and light & bright lighting accents.

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