Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

Restaurant Outdoor Furniture (4).jpeg

Restaurant outdoor furniture incorporates a lot of elements including chairs, barstools, sofas, tables, accessories, sectionals, etc, which make a complete dining experience for the guests and the visitors.

It is dependent on restaurant managers or owners to maximize the outdoor space utilization, its conditions and equip it with high quality outdoor furniture that not just delivers comfortable accommodation to the guests, but also bring low maintenance requirements to save huge potential cost. In this view, we have come up with a great option of synthetic teak since it adds low maintenance possibility in your restaurant outdoor furniture.

Teak is the exotic tropical hardwood tree having origin in Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia, India, Burma and India. These trees are also grown in the other countries including Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. Synthetic teak wood has a lot of striking properties making it ideal for use in restaurant outdoor furniture. These properties include:

  • Its resistance to wear-and-tear and weathering
  • Its resistance to insects, fungi and molds
  • Its exotic and natural beauty makes it the most preferred material for boat building and decorative form of woods in the world
  • It is not faded due to exposure to other materials like metals, making it a great option for manufacturing high-value furniture.

What is this material made up of?

Synthetic teak is basically a non-porous composite material that resembles high-quality natural teak. This material is high durable and needs low maintenance. In addition, it is lighter than the natural teak. It is crack and splinter free, and also resistant to water, UV rays and weather. It also resists insects and rots and considered as a green, eco friendly option to the harvesting of natural teak, decreasing the forestry industry’s impact on environment or nature.

Synthetic teak gives a globally recognized style and class of natural teak with low maintenance, saving worry, money and time.

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