Outdoor Furniture – Summer & Spring Care Tips

Outdoor Furniture (6).jpeg

Goodbye winters and hello spring and barbecues. But before a backyard entertainment starts, you must take some time to inspect your outdoor furniture and give it some renovation. In this article, we are presenting valuable outdoor furniture maintenance tips and care tricks to make each and every element look the best and clean all summer and spring.

Initial Cleaning

After staying a few months under your garage, deck, gardening shed etc. the outdoor furniture usually becomes grimy. Often when you pull the furniture out, bugs, dust seem to leave it highly untidy. Begin the cleaning by thoroughly washing and wiping down each furniture surface. Use garden hose for rinsing away cobwebs and dust, and then use a safe-to-use mild sanitizing solution on all surfaces of the furniture including metal, wood, plastic, wicker and outdoor fabrics.

You can also make this solution on your own. To make a sanitizing solution, mix one-gallon warm water with around two tablespoons of some popular dishwashing liquid and two cups white vinegar. By using a soft-bristle wide brush, apply solution all over surfaces, especially fabric seams and cervices. The vinegar is highly effective to kill mold and mildew growth and their stingy smell. In the end, wash the finitude in garden hose till all suds are removed. It is wise to avoid power washer since the force of the water coming out of it may affect painted surfaces and wood seams, leading to cracking in the furniture.

Care in Story Weather

In summer and spring, you have to have a keen eye over the skies since these are seasons of hail, dust storms, high winds and thunderstorm. Hence, it is best to shift your outdoor furniture to a safer place as per the weather forecast. Have some open space under the deck, in a garden shade or in a garage for keeping furniture in such harsh weather conditions.

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