Outdoor Furniture – The Qualities Of Wicker

Outdoor Furniture.jpeg

In few of our last posts, we talked about outdoor furniture fabrics and materials. We see wicker as one of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture this year. This articles talks about wicker and its advantages to be used for your outdoor furniture and accessories.


Wicker is often mistakenly taken as the material, though it is actually a term that is used for woven products. In terms of material, wicker products have been divided into two major types, synthetic and natural. Synthetic wicker is developed from resin wicker and plastic, while the natural wicker is developed from sea grass, rattan and many other natural materials.

Synthetic Wicker – Multipurpose Material

A number of choices are available in synthetic wicker products for outdoor furniture and accessories such as cushion box. Another value of the synthetic wicker lies in its colors. A range of colors are available to meet specific preferences.

In addition, the synthetic wicker is a great choice for outdoors such as patio, garden, balcony, pool side and other open areas in your home. Wicker is higher resistant to extreme cold and hot weather and able to restore its durability and beauty for a longer period of time, as long as 10 years or more. Along with patio furniture, synthetic wicker is equally suitable for making high quality indoor furniture and accessories. Synthetic wicker makes decoration easy and fun.

The Most Prominent Advantages of Wicker

  • Wicker is suitable both for indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Wicker is resistant to hot and cold temperatures alike
  • Wicker is also UV resistant for three years
  • Wicker also resists fading, mold and rust if the furniture is aluminum framed
  • Wicker is light weighted and durable
  • Easy to maintain and care
  • Available in a range of designs and colors

Wicker is definitely going to be a great choice for many outdoors this year.

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