Chandler Outdoor Furniture Trends Redefined

Chandler Outdoor Furniture.jpeg

With hot summer days on peak, it is the high time to prepare your outdoor furniture for outdoor entertaining. Chandler outdoor furniture has always been trendy and in line with the most modern and popular home renovation trends.

The modern, cold concrete look is going away as the plastic faux-wood and wrought iron furniture is increasingly becoming the part of Chandler outdoor furniture collections. The coming season will be about natural materials, cool and soothing colors, and retro-inspired styling. Here are some of the hottest trends to be seen till the end of 2017.

  • Fun Printed, Cute Pillows

Are you looking for an absolute way to bring indoors to the outdoors? Go for splashy, fun printed patterned pillows. Chandler outdoor furniture offers more and more choices for cozying up your outdoors. The best thing is that these can easily be changes as time passes and trends come and go.

  • Soothing, Coastal Colors

Here we come on the fabric side. Some of the most favorite season’s colors include soft bisque/ivory and Maui blues. In addition, the new textured solid form termed as Carmela, which looks and feels like a woven faux jute, is also in great demand.

  • Retro-inspired Style

This is the time to say no to plastic faux-wood and wrought iron furniture. One of the hottest trends being seen is the rise of a specific retro feeling. It implies that people are now going back to more natural and woven styles made from traditional crochet techniques that add much texture to any kind of space. The popular trends of 70s like wicker and rattan inspired furniture is what heavily being seen nowadays. It is not even limited to outdoor furniture now; it is equally rising in popularity to be used in indoors.

We hope you are going to follow these trends for the coming season to turn your outdoors into the most transformed areas of your home.

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