Chandler Patio Furniture – The Festive Trends

Chandler Patio Furniture.jpeg

The festive season is at peal; after Easter and Halloween, we are heading towards the biggest celebration of this festive season and that is Christmas. If you have not yet started to explore the Chandler Patio Furniture collections to start planning the décor and renovation of your place, it’s the high time to start your exploration and make the best of your Chandler patio furniture trends this year. In this article, we have brought some great ideas to share.

The Palm prints

The palm prints are found everywhere now, from dresses to walls to cushions to windows décor, as a part of an overall tropical print trend that is going to be seen more in designer fabrics and wallpaper. These drapes make a lasting impact, especially with the monochrome rug. If you are inspired by the look but without a bold placement, you can scatter few print throw pillows since it is going to be the most popular trends in tropical Chandler patio furniture collection.

The exotic and bold prints patterned with big-fronded ferns and fanciful wallpapers bursting with big crocodiles, cats and monkeys this year, is all about pam spring elitism that is ideal to create exotic escapism.

The Flamingos

With hot spring, come the flamingos. Here we are not referring to lawn ornaments, but the wading bird that is showing up this festive season in some surprising places, like on walls. Flamingo themed parties and wall papers are another rising trend to be integrated in Chandler patio furniture collection this Christmas.


Rattan has long been a part of tropical trend, adding a fresh new look to the patios. In 1970s, the rattan chairs, baskets, patio furniture and other rattan items were used heavily. Today, being weather-resistant material, rattan Chandler patio furniture has made it way to the porches, outdoors, backyards, lawns, gardens, and patios.

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