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With every year, come the new patio furniture trends that grab people’s attention for a long period of time. That’s the reason we kept seeing florals, palm prints, tropical colors and rattan and wicker patio furniture all through 2017. However, one unique trend that we especially observed this year is the black furniture. And guess what, it is going to be a prominent trend in 2018. In this post, we have highlighted the black patio furniture trends so that you can have an easy busing decision process.

For a couple of years, the black patio furniture has been out of fashion; however, now it seems that black patio furniture is going to be back to topicality. Many homeowners think that black is a difficult color to play with while other consider it a great idea bringing lots of possibilities for great combinations.

We would like to present an example of an outdoor dining set with chairs completely black. It is combined with blue shade. It is to be noted that black is the color that blends the entire chromatic range well so it is easy to coordinate with it. If you are not sure of the combination you have chosen, go for the ever-popular combination of black and white. It is a classic blend that never goes wrong.

In terms of materials also, black patio furniture has to do a lot. A great combination is to blend the black with the wood tones. The black brings modernity and add a very chic touch to the wood. Irrespective of the tone of the wood, this combination always makes a lasting impression. If you are nervous to go for all black patio furniture, the blend of wood and black is a great solution to bring this color into your patio furniture setting.

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