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Exotic and elegant, woven patio furniture is a great choice to enhance your outdoor spaces, especially gardens. Nowadays, woven patio furniture has two most popular choices to offer in terms of material: the natural rattan and its synthetic variety also called rattan effect. While both are usually called rattan furniture commonly, there are some basic differences. In this article, we will highlight woven patio furniture type: Rattan furniture, exclusively used for gardens.

Natural Rattan Patio Furniture

Natural rattan is composed of rattan palm found in South-east Asian regions. This is a unique kind of plant that is vine-like and slender. Since it is basically a hardwood vine, rattan is an ideal material for manufacturing garden furniture. As opposed to other wood furnishings made from solid pieces of wood, a rattan is woven around the frame.

The unique woven texture brings an exotic appearance on rattan garden furniture, which looks incredibly visually appealing and stylish. The natural durability and strength of rattan makes furniture made from it to handle rough outdoor use and bear heavy weight.

In addition, rattan woven furniture itself is light weighted and thus, portable. However, it is heavy enough also not to be blown by strong winds. Since it us very flexible, it can be transformed into range of shapes, types, and sizes. The fact that very minimal maintenance and care it requires, also makes it a budget friendly option.

Cheap rattan garden furniture is generally composed of polypropylene that may look like plastic. Another kind is called poly rattan, which is a blend of polyethylene and natural rattan.  The poly rattan garden furniture looks very authentic and it is very difficult to tell apart from natural rattan. Some kinds of poly rattan and polyethylene are woven to develop something that is more resistant to harmful UV rays and doesn’t fade even being left outdoor for extended time period.



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